Jun 9, 2021 • 18M

Sheriff's Report: Online Solicitation of a Minor arrest

Also a new K-9 coming to the Sheriff's Office

Henderson County, Texas
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This interview was recorded Wednesday, June 9, at the Henderson County Justice Center.


I. Stats (:30)

There were 94 individuals booked into the jail in the past week.

II. Online Solicitation of a Minor Arrest (1:15)

Sheriff Hillhouse talks about this week's arrest of James Bond, 50, for online solicitation of a child. The following is from the press release:

Investigators and Deputies arrested an armed man Tuesday for online solicitation of a child online after they were forced to breach his residence.

James Bond, 50, was arrested in the 100 block of Chapperall Drive and was also charged with Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant.

Hillhouse’s team approached the home, announced their presence, and eventually breached the door of the residence to gain entry. Inside, they found Bond in the residence armed with a rifle. He pointed the loaded weapon at one of the Investigators but eventually surrendered.

It was Investigator Cayce Hampton who obtained a search warrant from 392nd District Judge Scott McKee to initiate the arrest.

III. New K-9 (7:44)

The Sheriff's Office is getting ready to welcome a new K-9 officer to the family. Sheriff Hillhouse said they have already picked out the new dog, who is named Valco.

Deputy Meagan Hogan will be going to train with Valco starting next week.

IV. Instructor's Course (12:14)

Sheriff Hillhouse said there are deputies going through a course to become peace officer instructors. The benefit, according to the Sheriff, is convenience and low cost.

"We try to host a lot of law enforcement training here at the Sheriff's Office," he said. "It's not only for the Sheriff's Office, it's for any law enforcement agency that has the time and can take the classes."

The Sheriff's Office does not charge county law enforcement agencies for this training.

V. Facebook Page (15:59)

The Sheriff's Office had to start a new Facebook page. You can find that page here.


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